1. Supreme Court reprimands the State of Assam for its submission that thousands of illegal immigrants declared as foreigners by its Foreigners Tribunals have absconded and merged with the general public and stops short of issuing non bailable warrant against the Chief Secretary, miffed by his absence in the court.   Click to Read – News 18
  1. Amidst concerns from Human Rights activists; regarding the investigation and prosecution for the killing of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Kashoggi, UN calls for a public trial that meets international standards of justice for the late journalist.

Click to Read – OHCHR News

  1. India strategizes Indo-Tibetan Border Police Command in Jammu and Kashmir’s Leh-Ladakh district to guard the 3,488-km long Sino-India border, as part of its plan to counter the ever-increasing Chinese military build-up in the region.

Click to Read – NDTV News

   4. A bench of Justices Siddharth Mridul and Manoj Kumar Ohri at the Delhi High Court order day-to-day hearing in the death reference case of 1984 anti -Sikh riots, as the convict Yashpal Singh appeals against the trial court’s order of capital punishment.

Click to Read – NDTV News

  1. Pope Francis issues a new legislation for Vatican City that requires the immediate reporting of sex abuse allegations to Vatican prosecutors, a policy shift aimed at being a model for the Catholic Church

Click to Read – The Hindu

  1. Brunei’s new anti LGBTQ law punishing gay sex by stoning to death has been condemned as “inhuman” and “draconian” by the United Nations.

Click to Read – Independent UK

  1. The United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, expresses his deepest concern and condemns the recent attacks against villages in Mali, including mass-killings last weekend in the Mopti region, which led to the death of 160 people, including 50 children, per the report of UN human rights office (OHCHR).

Click to Read – UN News

  1. Speaking at the launch of the State of the Global Climate report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), UN Secretary-General António Guterres, refers to the report as “another strong wake-up call” and reiterates his call for action for finding sustainable solutions expeditiously.

Click to Read – UN News

  1. The United Nations Security Council adopts a landmark terror finance resolution in order to suppress the funding of terror groups and strengthen the Organization’s ability to implement a global counter-terrorism strategy.

Click to Read – UN News

  1. UN Human Rights staffs in Yemen investigate an apparent airstrike on a hospital in opposition-held territory which has reportedly killed at least seven civilians, amidst fears that the disease cholera is spreading ‘like wildfire’.

Click to Read – UN News


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