Shruti Shreya

Research Associate | Debater

Since my childhood, I have been a strong believer of the idea that fairness, justice and equal treatment of all groups is the backbone of a just, humane and progressive society. Protection and furtherance of human rights is one of the key requisites for creating a true welfare society heading towards the ideals of fairness, equity and transparency.

My primary objective behind writing for this blog is to promote awareness and sensitize people regarding the various instances of human rights violation across the globe and make a small contribution hoping it may bring a positive change in the society.

I love to read, watch Rom-Coms & wander.

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Gyani Tripathi
Admin Head

Gyan Prakash Tripathi

Researcher | Human Rights | Technology

An avid reader and researcher of all things law, Gyan has a knack in accoutering himself with factual and unprejudiced arguments. In his words: “I believe in the golden words of Aristotle – ‘Law is reason, free from passion'”. Fundamentally he believes that augmenting awareness about Human Rights is his obligation. He particularly loves to dwell upon the intersection of technology and laws and its impact on human rights.


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Shivani Raheja

I wish to spin a yarn with words that can make a change in the world. I believe words hold magic and it is up to us how to use the magic to do some good.

I love to read, feast and read again.
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Nikhil Naren

Law Student | Photographer

As a student of law my primary aim in life is to sensitize people about their basic human rights and raise my voice against the numerous instances of human rights violations around the world.

Therefore, my primary objective behind writing for Contego Humanitas is to enhance the awareness level of people around me and give them the strength and support to fight against the cruelty and injustice being meted out to them. Furthermore, I am a strong believer of the fact that each day brings with itself a new learning opportunity, hence by writing for this blog I intend to improve my cognitive and research skills that shall be extremely beneficial for me to excel in my legal profession.

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