1. Danish Siddiqui, an Indian photojournalist for Thomson Reuters has been killed in Afghanistan while at work. 

Danish was reporting on the latest skirmishes between Afghan Special forces and Taliban while he got caught in an ambush on the convoy near a key border with Pakistan. Several state leaders and eminent personalities have mourned the loss of the 41-year-old who had won the Pulitzer prize in 2018.

Click to read- BBC World News 

  1. NYC Hospitals Prohibit Unnecessary Intersex Surgeries

In a major boost for Intersex rights, the largest public healthcare system in the United States – New York City Health & Hospitals, has instituted a policy to defer all medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children. 

Click to read – Human Rights Watch 

  1. The Forest Stewardship Council slams Palm Oil Giant Korindo owing to the company not agreeing to verify its sustainability

The FSC dumped the Palm Oil giant Korindo because it didn’t agree to verify the social and environmental progress, alongside remedying the damage it had caused like failure to properly consult local communities in Papua region of Indonesia.

Click to Read – BBC

  1. Human Rights abuses can prove to be a major hurdle for China’s future trade prospects.

China’s top trade partners have recently expressed concerns over reports of violations of basic labour rights in China. The US Trade Representative to China had submitted a proposal to the WTO seeking the removal of subsidies to fishing activities that involve the use of forced labour.

Click to read – Economic Times

  1. European Border Agency needs reform – an EU Parliament Report finds

A recently concluded  European Parliament investigation has found that the European Border and Coast Guard Agency has failed to protect the rights of people at European Union borders. The report delineates how the agency has failed to protect the rights of migrants.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch.

  1. Death in custody of activist priest, a stain on India’s rights record: UN expert

An UN-appointed independent rights expert has spoken out following the death in custody of a renowned Catholic priest, who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease – Stan Swamy. Fr. Swamy, who was 84, was jailed last October on terrorism charges.

Click to read – UN News 

  1. Human Rights Violations in Guinea-Bissau at a peak: UNTG Sec-Gen

The National Union of Guinea-Bissau Workers (UNTG) has scheduled for today the start of a series of protests, which will run until August 3, after failed negotiations with the government.

Click to read – Macau News Agency 

  1. ECHR rules that Russia’s ban on same-sex marriage is in violation of the European Convention on Human Right

The European Commission on Human Rights through a ruling has found Russia in contravention of Article 8 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms because of the nation’s ban on same-sex marriages. 

Click to read – Amnesty International UK 

  1. Human Rights Organizations write to Japanese public-funded companies to stop their commercial land dealings in Myanmar

Various organizations including Human Rights Now, Human Rights Watch, etc. have urged the Japanese business entities to stop their participation in a commercial real estate project involving Myanmar’s abusive military.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch 

  1. A study by Amnesty found that Libyan migrant detention camps are an epicentre for human rights violations

The Study titled ‘No One will look for you’ by Amnesty International is a compilation of the traumatic experiences of refugees previously detained in Libya’s migrant detention centres. 

Click to read – Amnesty International

  1. UN In Afghanistan Concerned Over Human Rights Violations, Urges For Eid Ceasefire

In the wake of turmoil in Afghanistan, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) requested the Afghan government and Taliban to announce a temporary ceasefire during the upcoming festival of Eid. 
Click to read – United Nations

News Collated by: Aditya Singh 

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