1. The Taliban takeover after 20 years opens floodgates for human rights violations in Afghanistan – especially towards women and other minorities.

Click to read more: Reuters

2. Citing human rights violations on the ground, Manipur Human Rights Commission recommended the state to remove the “disturbed area” status, in force since Dec, 2020.

Click to read more: Indian Express

3. Papuan protesters face racial and physical abuses in Indonesia by security forces.

Click to read more: Amnesty International     

4. August 14, Pakistan’s Independence day was protested as a black day in the U.S. and U.K. by the Sindhis, Balochs and Afghans in lieu of the state-sponsored human rights violation against the communities. 

Click to read more: ANI news; Economic times 

5. Ecuador  commemorates August 14 as the first ‘national day against sexual violence in schools’ in another step  to eradicate the problem.

Click to read more: Human Rights Watch

6. Brazilian President Bolsonaro violates free speech and access to information by blocking critics including journalists, congress members, influencers and private citizens, inter alia.

Click to read more: Human Rights Watch

7. The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders (HRDs) says that India needs to stop criminalizing human rights defenders since people are being jailed extensively under sedition laws

Click to read more: The Wire

8. Illinois court upholds transgender rights, directs equal access to bathrooms in recent “hobby lobby case” discriminating the use of bathrooms on grounds of sex.

Click to read more – Bloomberg

9. The Kremlin labels “Dozhd TV” – one of the last independent channels a “foreign agent” under its Foreign Agent Law.

Click to read more – Amnesty International

10. Crimes against ethnic Tigrayans on the rise in Ethiopia. Forcible disappearances, detentions, arrests among others.

Click to read more – Human Rights Watch

News Collated by: Chunri Gupta

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