Women who give birth to us continue to inspire us through out our life. Be it is as a sibling, granny, nanny, teacher, mentor, boss, leader, among so many other roles  that women take up. We at Contego Humanitas Foundation are thankful for the brilliant women who inspire us daily. Here are a few about whom we would like to share more about

The Woman who inspires me- My grandmother.

Her faith is so adamant, and unshakable, that it inspires me to find something that I can have unshakable faith on. All the stubbornness that I have, probably comes from her because she doesn’t let things that matter, and people that matter leave. She inspires me to be righteous and firm.

Shiwani Agarwal

The Woman who inspires me- Pranjali

She has taught me the importance of gender issues prevalent in society and how I can see and learn more about them in even the smallest facets of our life, as they are present everywhere. She is someone who has taught me to enjoy life and not let myself turn into another product of capitalism. Most importantly,  she helped me regain my confidence which I lost years back. All these things helped me become a much better version of myself.

Aryan Bajpai

The Woman who has inspires me- My Mentor

In my second internship, I recieved an opportunity to intern under Sonal Matoo ma’am. Ma’am has specialised herself in the field of sexual harassment at workplace and its legal compliance. She acts as an independent member of the Internal Complaints Committee in various Companies. For me, she is always an inspiration because I have seen her work with utmost diligence and perseverance. I learned a lot from her. She is a very humble person and one of the most graceful woman that I have ever met in life. I am so glad that I worked under guidance.

Bhavya Bahl

The Woman who has inspires me- My Aunt

One of the women that have inspired me is my aunt Latika Dhar. She is a very kind and independent woman. Four years ago she decided to pursue her passion for languages. Despite being in her sixties 60 with health issues, she believed in herself and enrolled for Spanish classes. She worked hard, got noticed and now teaches Spanish & Hindi in that same institution and is now also learning Urdu and Farsi. Oh, did I mention that she is already super fluent in Bengali and English?

Aprajita Tyagi

The Woman who has inspires me- My Mum

She is a fighter, despite her barriers & struggles. She is a friend, when I am not myself.
She swallows her pride, put her feelings aside. She wears her sadness all by herself without uttering a word.
She is a someone with a warm heart. An unarmed woman with self arresting courage, confronting all the storms.

Sakshi Mehta

The Woman who has inspires me- My Grandmaa

This message is for the woman who has ensured a safe & peaceful life for my entire family with her utmost grit, diligence & sacrifices. It’s been almost 10 years since she left us all but it is the fruit of her hardwork that has ensured a peaceful night sleep for all of us each day. No thank you is enough daadi to describe what you’ve done for your children and even theirs. Stay happy and remain & peace always. I aspire to become at least half like you someday & will consider my life to be successful if your blessings makes that possible:)

Shruti Shreya

The Woman who has inspires me- Jacinda

I have seen women (even men) in position of power changing their lifestyle, perhaps also becoming strict to ensure that everyone respects them. Sadly, a jovial & free-spirited women are often taken as ‘easy’ to sugarcoat it. And then I see women like Jacinda Ardern- who do not overplay the power card. However the Government of New Zealand be run internally, I loved to see a women who continued to be herself & lead the country through a series of crisis with a child in her lap. Its not about gender characteristics and roles, it’s about being whatever one is, irrespective of the stimulus.

Pranav Bhaskar Tiwari

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