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COVID-19: The 9/11 for Privacy 

Credits: Naked Security sophos Impact of COVID-19 and Government Response COVID-19, a novel form of coronavirus, has already been declared as a pandemic and compared with World War II and the 2008 financial crisis. The impact of COVID-19 has been so huge that the Royal Observatory of Belgium has observed that Earth has seen a … Continue reading COVID-19: The 9/11 for Privacy 

Humanitarian Aid for Refugees & Migrants in Delhi

The ground reality in India The outbreak of COVID19 has caused acute adversity and distress world over. However, the afflictions and misery of the underprivileged sections of the society in general and refugees, in particular, remain unprecedented. Per the report of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (hereinafter UNHCR), India hosts more than 3,00,000 refugees … Continue reading Humanitarian Aid for Refugees & Migrants in Delhi

Fighting Corona Virus #Together

The COVID-19 pandemic in India has led to widespread misery and a situation of panic and distress. The times are extremely challenging especially for the daily wage workers who not only fear death due to the virus but also because of hunger owing to the 21-day lockdown. However, in these trying times, several civil society … Continue reading Fighting Corona Virus #Together


At the dawn of a new day, humanity wakes up, stretching its limbs and rubbing the awful nightmare off its eyes. Plague, war, famine had tortured millions over the millennium, remnants of the history still torturing countless souls. However, over the years, with the advancement of technology and medical sciences as well as the combined … Continue reading PANDEMIC OF THE NEW AGE : COVID 19