Contego Humanitas means protecting humanity.

Contego Humanitas Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation which is committed to advocate for a human rights regime and provide Humanitarian Aid.

We provide legal assistance, conduct human rights campaigns, training sessions and publish reports and blogs on the human rights allied issues.


We write with the twin objective of

  • informing everyone about human rights violations across the world and
  • creating a flare for academic writing among beginners on human rights issues.

We endeavour to achieve these goals with the use of simple, lucid and unambiguous language so that maximum people may be informed. We do not delve into the finer nuances of the issues but throw light on the larger picture of the International Arena. Our goal is to keep everyone informed about the issues related to human rights across the globe.

Humanitarian Aid & Training

We provide humanitarian aid to those who need it the most. We achieve this aim with a catena of volunteers and a dedicated leadership who is thrilled to help others.

Our aid may take the form of education through teaching to donating books, from providing legal counselling to human rights training through conferences, seminars and lectures.

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