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Paranjay Tripathi

Director of Light Bulb Moments

My mind is like a roller-coaster ride so I thought I should share it with people. For free!
My hobbies are Reading, Songwriting & definitely Sleeping.

E-mail me at parnjaytrip@gmail.com




Sonal Hundlani

I believe humanity is the only religion we all ought to follow. With my never ending hope for change I strongly advocate quality education for all.

E-mail me at Sonalhundlani9@gmail.com


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Manthan Dixit

Mooter | BJP Afficianado

I believe in both human rights and BJP. Tough combination, right? Well, a prosperous India needs both of them and I fervently argue for both. I am spiritual man who believes in world peace.

E-mail me at manthandixit00@gmail.com




Anusha Dash


Rights relate to what is lawful and I believe that few rights are imbibed by virtue of being human.

I write at Contego Humanitas to spread awareness about the various human rights violation around the globe in order to spark a light for social change.

I love to cook, travel, dance, read books & watch Netflix.

E-mail me at anushadash01@gmail.com



Shivangi Chandra.

I am regular fourth year student who indulges in all fun stuff. The reason I chose law was because of the sense of justice that I want to uphold.

Plight of the less fortunate and depressed strikes a chord within me. Believing that a pen is mightier than the sword, I use this platform to bring some change.

E-mail me at shivangichandra.1997@gmail.com



WhatsApp Image 2018-10-04 at 14.41.02 (1)Aman Chachan

Mooter | Anti-Bhakt Specialist

I chose law as a means to manifest my larger goals in life, i.e., voice the concerns of the unprivileged.

I write at Contego Humanitas as it provides me a platform to crystallize my thoughts and opportunity to mentor budding writers. This way I feel I am able to contribute to the change I wish to see in the world.

Email me at amanchachan3008@gmail.com


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 12.10.43 (2)Bhavya Birla

Debater | Poet | Animal Activist.
I write for Contego Humanitas because I wish to address issues that we all face and address them in a manner that adds onto someone’s perspective towards the said issue.

Further, I believe that there is an obligation to spread the truth and free people from the chains of propaganda under the garb of ‘Gospel Truth’ propagated by the media.I am an Animal Activist and rescue and feed stray animals on a daily basis. I love writing poetry and also like watching football and listening to music.
 E-mail me at Bhavyabirla07@gmail.com


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Vishal Shrivastava

Quizzer | Traveler

My primary goal behind writing for Contego Humanitas is to explore the concept of international human rights and form an informed opinion about the same. Through this I intend to achieve a sense of knowledge about the pressing human right issues that dominate India and the world today.

E-mail me at vish0596@gmail.com


fagunFagun Sahni


Being a lawyer has been my lifelong dream and I wish to pursue this dream in order to uplift the oppressed sections of the society. My areas of interest are Human Rights, International Humanitarian Rights, and International Law. I love to debate. Anytime, anywhere and on any topic, I am always ready with counter-arguments and the will to understand the arguments of the opposition. I believe that dissemination of information is the most important aspect of upliftment and no one can struggle for one’s rights than the person itself. And this is exactly my reason for joining Contego Humanitas, upliftment through dissemination.

 E-mail me at fagunsahni@gmail.com