1. Argentina recognizes non-binary identities as The National Identity Document and Passports of Argentina will now include a third gender category allowing people to choose to be designated other than female or male.

Click to Read More: Human Rights Watch

  1. Six French and International Human Rights organizations file a class action lawsuit against France after it fails to prevent systemic discrimination due to ethnic profiling by the police during identity checks

Click to Read More: Amnesty International

  1. Pegasus Project: The UNHR High Commissioner red flagged spyware like Pegasus and Candiru and said the “red line” was crossed by the use of the Pegasus spyware by state actors. 

Click to Read More: OHCHR Official Statement

Also read the Amnesty International Report on the forensic methodology of investigation.

  1. Mauritius’ National ID program has been found violative of privacy rights of its citizens by the UN Human Rights Committee. 

Click to Read More: Jurist Legal News

  1. China restarts the forced returns of North Korean refugees leading to an increase in concerns of torture, imprisonment, sexual violence, and forced labor against the deportees.

Click to Read More: Human Rights Watch

  1. Clashes emerge between police and protects, when tens of thousands protest against the extension of the health pass and compulsory vaccination for certain professions, in France.

Click to Read More: NYTimes 

  1. The United States imposed sanctions, under the Magnitsky Act, on Cuba’s defence minister and a special forces unit, on account of the human rights abuses committed during a crackdown on protests on the island earlier in July.

Click to Read More: AlJazeera

  1. After the declaration of Martial Law in March, Myanmar’s Junta Tribunals sentenced 65 people to death, following allegations of violation of fair trial standards and principles of natural justice.

Click to Read More: Human Rights Watch

  1. Thousands march for LGBTQ rights in Budapest’s biggest Pride parade as the government tries to limit discussion of homosexuality and transgender issues in schools and passes an “anti-paedophilia” law last month. 

Click to Read More: BBC News

  1. Afghan government imposes a month-long curfew across almost all of the country, in an attempt to stop the Taliban from invading cities, as international troops also pull out of the country.

Click to Read More: The Statesman

News Collated by: Akarsh Tripathi

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