Dard-ae-Kashaf: Story of a Rohingya Child

The place she called Home Kashaf did not have the means to watch FRIENDS, and the few friends she had in the make-shift school in the Rakhine Province of Myanmar were also dwindling. Little did she know that her ancestors were disowned by the Myanmar Government way back in 1982.[1] Her Ammi (mother) told her … Continue reading Dard-ae-Kashaf: Story of a Rohingya Child

Sex Workers and Human Rights

If there is a evil let's face it and make it a little less diabolic or if the will of "We the people of India" be to skill the sex-workers differently and provide them other opportunities and criminalize prostitution, then so be it! What is more important is that we act and not leave the issue in limbo and let the sex-workers feel the wrath of it.