Article 35-A granted special status to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. It laid down rules regarding who can buy property or land, take admission in public colleges or be given scholarships, contest or vote in Legislative Assembly elections, etc. These privileges were given only to the ‘permanent residents’ of Jammu and Kashmir which is … Continue reading A MIRROR TO VALMIKIS: AN UNTOLD STORY

Kashmir: About Promises Unkept

However, unfortunately, the abrogation of Article 370 has illegitimised all the rights of the Indian dominion over its one of the most prized possessions, the dawn of 5th August’19 has witnessed the dilapidation of a father figure to an assailant as the inherent constitutional morality of the Indian sovereignty has become subservient to the subjective morality of its Statesmen.  

Dard-ae-Kashaf: Story of a Rohingya Child

The place she called Home Kashaf did not have the means to watch FRIENDS, and the few friends she had in the make-shift school in the Rakhine Province of Myanmar were also dwindling. Little did she know that her ancestors were disowned by the Myanmar Government way back in 1982.[1] Her Ammi (mother) told her … Continue reading Dard-ae-Kashaf: Story of a Rohingya Child

Genesis of the Indian Constitution

December 9th 1946, witnessed the inception of a voyage wherein India attained its independence from the British rule, and India changed from “British India” to “India”. The voyage entailed deciding upon its national flag, national anthem, and most importantly the adoption of “The Indian Constitution”. A demand that India’s political fate should be in the … Continue reading Genesis of the Indian Constitution