1. “Qatar’s new electoral law to be discriminatory on the grounds of exclusion of thousands from voting or running in elections” warns HRW’s report.

Click to Read More: Human Rights Watch

  1. Crackdown on journalists continues unabated as two Afghan journalists from Kabul-based newspaper Etilaatroz, get brutally tortured for covering protests by women in the Afghan capital.

Click to Read More: The Wire

  1. Gender violence in India increases as a 32-year old woman, raped and brutalised with an iron rod, inside a tempo in Sakinaka, dies in hospital. 

Click to Read More: Indian Express

  1. Syrian refugees tortured, raped and disappeared after returning home: Amnesty’s new report titled “You’re going to your death”.

Click to Read More: Amnesty International

  1. Mexico’s Supreme Court rules criminal penalties for terminating pregnancies to be unconstitutional, paving way for decriminalization of abortion across the country.

Click to Read More: BBC

  1. El Salvador’s new law imposing mandatory retirement age for judges and prosecutors, threatens judicial independence.

Click to Read More: Human Rights Watch

  1. Human Rights Abuses and crackdown on media and activists groups, intensifies in eastern DR Congo. 

Click to Read More: ModernDiplomacy

  1. 13 human rights organizations write to express concern regarding violence and excessive use of force by police at recent protests in Bangkok.

Click to Read More: Amnesty International

  1. Protests spark in Brooklyn after investigation reveals the attack on two men to be an anti-gay crime. 

Click to Read More: NBC News

  1. Death of detained Kashmiri leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who was under house arrest for the past 11 years and had a prolonged illness, triggered serious human rights violations as authorities imposed an unauthorised curfew and hastily buried his body at a different spot.

Click to Read More: International Federation for Human Rights

News Collated by: Akarsh Tripathi

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