1. Amnesty International has accused Delhi Police of committing serious rights violations during the Delhi riots and even “indulging in violence with rioters”. It has called on the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to initiate “a prompt, thorough, independent investigation” into all such allegations against law enforcement officials.

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  1. The Orissa High Court has allowed a same-sex couple to continue a live-in relationship, stating that human beings, irrespective of gender identities, are entitled to the full enjoyment of their rights.

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  1. Fourteen people are now confirmed dead in the United States after Hurricane Laura battered southern states wherein ten of the victims were in Louisiana and four in Texas. Winds of up to 150mph (240km/h) have caused severe damage, with power cuts to more than half a million homes and a chemical fire from an industrial plant.

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  1. More than a thousand people have taken part in a Kenosha, Wisconsin rally to protest against police violence, nearly a week after a police officer shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times, leaving the 29-year-old Black man paralysed from the waist down. Marchers chanted “No justice, no peace!” as the march began and “Seven bullets, seven days” – a reference to the number of times Blake was shot. 

Click to Read – Aljazeera

  1. Some 38,000 people took to the streets in Berlin, Germany for mostly peaceful demonstrations but later hundreds of protesters, many from the far right, tried to storm the Reichstag, the home of Germany’s federal parliament for which a number of people were arrested and German politicians condemned the attack as “shameful” and “unacceptable”.

Click to Read –  BBC World News

  1. Belarusian authorities are disrupting internet access and restricting content online in response to peaceful, countrywide protests which have been going on for over 18 days wherein protesters have demanded fair presidential elections and investigations into police brutality against demonstrators. 

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Venezuelan security forces and authorities have used measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 as an excuse to crack down on dissenting voices and intensify their control over the population, Human Rights Watch said today.

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  1. A recent decision by Pakistan’s Supreme Court directs the federal and provincial governments to take steps to fully realize equal participation of people with disabilities. The court ruling was in response to a petition from a person with a disability denied a job as an elementary school teacher in the city of Multan. 

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Protesters took to the streets in several cities in the west of Libya, including Tripoli, Misrata and al-Zawyia, to protest against deteriorating economic conditions and corruption. Later, in Tripoli, unidentified men in military camouflage clothing opened fire on the crowd without warning, using AK-style rifles and truck-mounted guns.

Click to Read – Amnesty International

  1. Thousands of people have marched through the Mauritian capital, Port Louis, in protest at the authorities’ handling of a massive oil spill, and the discovery of 39 dead dolphins while wearing black, waved the national flag and honked horns and drumming.

Click to Read – BBC World News

News Collated by: Darshi Shah
Darshi is a masters student in international management and 
sustainability at Sciences PO, Paris and the Communications Lead at 
Contego Humanitas Foundation.

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