• The Supreme Court of India declared that a daughter’s right in coparcenary property – the ancestral property of a Hindu undivided family – is equal to a son’s, and that these rights can be claimed by the daughter even if her father had died before September 9, 2005, which is the date an amendment to the Hindu Succession Act came into effect granting daughters an equal share.

Click to Read – The Wire

  • Three people were killed in a police firing when a mob estimated to be a thousand strong attacked a Congress MLA’s house in Bengaluru, India and vandalised two police stations after a relative of the MLA posted a communal and derogatory post on social media about Prophet Muhammad

Click to Read – The Wire

  • Belarus Security Forces viciously beat and detained by using stun grenades, rubber bullets and slugs, blanks from Kalashnikov-type rifles and tear gas against peaceful protesters who gathered in Minsk and several other Belarusian cities to protest the official election results in the country’s August 9 presidential vote, which they contend was rigged.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  • More than 10,000 protesters have gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to demand the resignation of the government, changes to the constitution and an end to the harassment of opposition activists.

Click to Read – Aljazeera

  • Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached an agreement – brokered by the United States – to work towards a “full normalisation of relations”, a deal the Palestinians called a “treacherous stab in the back”.

Click to Read – Aljazeera

  • Houthi forces forcibly expelled thousands of Ethiopian migrants from northern Yemen using Covid-19 as a pretext, killing dozens and forcing them to the Saudi border, where the Saudi Border Guards then fired on the fleeing migrants, killing dozens more, while hundreds of survivors escaped to a mountainous border area.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch 

  • The Egyptian authorities are cracking down on women TikTok influencers who are then prosecuted on absurd charges of “indecency” and “violating family principles and values”. Women who reported sexual assault, violations of their right to privacy and online abuse are among social media influencers targeted by the authorities’ use of new repressive tactics to control cyber space by policing women’s bodies and conduct and by undermining their ability to earn an independent living.

Click to Read – Amnesty International 

  • Per a joint report by the Human Rights Watch and the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, the Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdown are making it even harder for the Wayuu, an indigenous group in Colombia and Venezuela, to survive

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  • A spike in new coronavirus cases in South Korea prompted authorities to reimpose tighter social distancing curbs in Seoul but that did not stop thousands of demonstrators from protesting against President Moon Jae-in’s policies

Click to Read – Aljazeera

  • At least 25 people have been killed and 90 others wounded in clashes between members of the Bani Amer and Nuba ethnic groups in Port Sudan, a key international trade harbour on the Red Sea.

Click to Read – Aljazeera 

News Collated by: Darshi Shah
Darshi is a masters student in international management and 
sustainability at Sciences PO, Paris and the Communications Lead at 
Contego Humanitas Foundation.

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