On 12th June 2020, The MoEFCC published the Draft EIA Notification, 2020, and sought feedback on the same from the general public within 60 days.

We are happy to share with you all the Comments drafted by Contego Humanitas Foundation.

Some of our primary comments flagged the dilution of the EIA notification, 2006, and substantial changes which are contrary to the Parent Legislation – The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. This goes against the constitutional mandate of the state to protect the environment under the Public Trust Doctrine, and the standards set out in the international conventions including the Rio Declaration, 1992, and the Paris Agreement, 2015.

The report compiles a critical analysis of the broader issues and also the key clauses in the draft which if implemented in their present form would not only ignore the Precautionary Principle but would also cause grave violation of the Principles of Natural Justice and Right to Life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.

The report puts forward a series of recommendations seeking modification of the identified provisions to enable better environmental safeguards and ensure the furtherance of our Sustainable Development Goals.

The comments were drafted by Mr. Aryan, Ms. Darshi, Ms. Divya Mr. Oshin & Mr. Rishabh Bhandari. The research was guided by Ms. Shruti, Mr. Pranav & Mr. Ayush.

We are thankful to Abhinav for designing the Cover & ‘Millennials for Earth’ for their invaluable inputs.

Our team invites your comment on the report.

Click Here to Read the Report

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