We are elated to share that we have crossed the One Lakh Rupees mark, which is a good step towards our goal of 3 Lakh to help the Refugees in Delhi.

We have successfully completed three rounds of distribution of the food ration kits and other essential supplies like sanitary napkins and milk powder (for children) to refugees and migrants in Delhi.


CAMPAIGN 1: In the first round of distribution executed on 7th April 2020, 200 kits (of three pads each) of sanitary napkins were distributed in the Kanchan Kunj and Shram Vihar refugee camps of Delhi. These kits were provided to us by Project Baala on a pro bono basis and were distributed in the camps by our on-ground partner organisation Ummid Ki Udan.

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CAMPAIGN 2: In the second round of distribution executed on 26th April 2020, food ration kits were distributed to 55 Refugee families and 30 Local/Migrant families in the Kalindi Kunj area of Delhi.

Each of these ration kits contained

20 kg of rice (Rs. 640)

5 kg of daal (Rs. 400)

1 ltr of oil (Rs. 110)

1 kg salt (Rs. 20)

4 soaps (Rs. 40).

Our on-ground partner organisation Ummid Ki Udan managed the distribution of the kits.

This costed us Rs. 1,02,000/- which was borne equally by Contego Humanitas, Ummid ki Udaan and a Philanthropist.

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CAMPAIGN 3: The third round of distribution was executed on 29th April 2020, wherein 1kg milk powder was distributed to 28 Refugee/Migrant families (which had children below the age of five) amounting to Rs. 10780 in the Khajoori Khas area of Delhi.


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We have verified the need of 35 individuals who are either differently-abled or widowed in the Kalindi Kunj area of Delhi. We intend to provide aid in the form of food supplies in the coming week.

None of this would have been possible without the relentless support of Ummid Ki Udan, Project Baala, One Step, Many Smiles, UNHCR and Delhi Police.


Details of all donations received and Bills of all three Campaigns are available on this link: https://www.ketto.org/…/help-me-distribute-food-to-refugees…

You may also use this link to make a donation and help us provide essential food and medical supplies.

In these tough times when the entire world is fighting for its survival; your kindness and sensitivity towards the sufferings of the homeless refugees and migrants is indeed an inspiration for the entire society.

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Please feel free to follow up with us on any questions that you might have regarding our initiative through email on contegohumanitas@gmail.com and take care of yourself and your loved ones during this time of crisis.

And yes, do share this little excerpt to help in our crowdfunding efforts:

“146 Rohingya Refugee families living in the ‘jhuggis’ of Delhi are 

They do not have enough food supplies, they do not have work owing to COVID-19.

No outside support from the community.

They either live at our love or die at our indifference. Please Contribute to crowd-fund their life. We aim to raise Rs 3 Lakh to provide food supplies for a month. Contribute by clicking here: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/help-me-distribute-food-to-refugees?payment=form

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