Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 1.39.32 PMThe COVID-19 pandemic in India has led to widespread misery and a situation of panic and distress. The times are extremely challenging especially for the daily wage workers who not only fear death due to the virus but also because of hunger owing to the 21-day lockdown. However, in these trying times, several civil society organisations (CSOs) have come out to share the responsibility of the government. We write to share the efforts of just two of the many CSOs who persevere to ensure that the people of India remain safe and nobody stays without food, medical aid and other essential facilities during this crisis.

Leading from the front to achieve this goal, the Bhavyadev Trust has resolved to aid over 1000 families with dry ration until April 8 in Ludhiana district of Punjab. Bhavyadev Trust is an NGO that works towards reducing road accidents and helping the underprivileged society. The organisation is operational pan India and does Road Safety Awareness and Seva Day every month. Commendably, their initiatives have helped over 3 Lakh people in less than a year.

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With the agenda to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, the trust has donated 100 ration bags to 100 families in Basant Avenue Panchayat, Himmat Singh Nagar, Dashmesh Nagar and Haibowal in the district of Ludhiana. This initiative was conducted with the help and approval of the Punjab administration and the police and the trust pledges to continue this special COVID-19 drive until April 8 and help more than 1000 poor families in Ludhiana.

Moving to the national capital region, a similar initiative has been taken up by The Dialogue to help people cope with this tragic situation. The Dialogue has launched a video series called #TechforGood to drive discussions on the use of technology to fight COVID-19. 

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The Dialogue has also launched a mental health campaign to help people reach out to a network of counsellors and volunteers to talk about any anxiety, stress or unease that they may be facing owing to the lockdown. Reach out to Ms. Vaidyanathan at to arrange a session.

With the aim to help the ‘marginalised communities’ The Dialogue has initiated a fundraiser. The funds collected will be transferred to the Civil Defence Team, Gurgaon. The Civil Defence Team, Gurgaon under the leadership of the Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner of Police to ensure a smooth lockdown and delivery of essentials.

Make your donation here:

The unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19 are being tackled with unrelenting efforts by Civil Society Organisations. We are in this together and with resilience, we shall rise victorious!

#WorldFightsCoronaVirus    #TogetherWeCan




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