1. After representing disabled people in the Syrian war fields, Nujeen Mustapha becomes the first woman with disability to brief the United Nations Security Council.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. In a recent massive crackdown on Uighur Muslims, China detains around a million people in re-education camps.

Click to Read – BBC News

  1. Trump administration threatens to veto the UN proposal on ‘rape as a weapon of war’ as a sign of its opposition to the current language that would guarantee access to family planning and healthcare to women.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. After the East African nation of Mozambique was hit by a massive cyclone, people are living in deplorable conditions. Many are forced to trade sex for food.

Click to Read – Human Rights Watch

  1. Pressure mounts on Tech Giants and Saudi Arabian government as runaway ‘Saudi sisters’ call for removing the inhuman Absher app from app stores of Apple and Google.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. Human Rights Watch report accuses Hungary of denying food and other necessary amenities to asylum seekers residing therein.

Click to Read – The Guardian

  1. In a shameful turn of events, Myanmar’s highest court upholds the conviction of Reuters journalists who was alleged to have violated state secrets after the discovery of a military massacre site.

Click to Read – New York Times

  1. The Trump administration withdraws from the Arms Trade Treaty which prevented potential deadly weapons from falling into the hands of regimes that were involved in Human Rights abuses.

Click to Read – National Herald

  1. Around 40 Indian workers are reported to have been brought from India, their identities confiscated and forced to work in inhumane conditions in Gabon.

Click to Read – The Wire

  1. Official police twitter account of Sri Lanka suspended after the nation falsely flags an U.S. Human Rights Activist as a suspected bomber.

Click to Read – National Herald


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