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  1. Prominent Chinese Human Rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment for ‘subversion of state power’.

Click to Read – The Guardian Post

  1. Three stellar Humanitarians, David Kritsun of Israel, Nfamara Jawneh of Gambia and Issa Sufyan Hussein of Iraq felicitated at the United Nations ‘15th Annual International Human Rights Summit’.

Click to Read – Human Rights News

  1. French President Emmanuel Macron to press his Egyptian counterpart Cairo for better protection of Human Rights in the Middle Eastetrn Countries during their talk due to be held this week.

Click to Read – Times of India

  1. Separatist movement in Indonesia’s West Papua province delivers a petition with 1.8 million signatures demanding an Independence Referendum to UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelete

Click to Read – News Asia

       5. Per the report of Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia officials tortured female Human Rights activists of the subcontinent with electric shocks and forced them to kiss each other.

Click to Read – Independent UK News

       6.  Senior advocate and activist Harvinder Singh Phoolka dedicates his Padma Shree award to the ‘Defenders of Human Rights’ in the subcontinent.

Click to Read – Times Now News

    7. Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission criticises Zimbabwe troops for using “systematic torture” in a crackdown on protesters after unrest broke out following a sharp rise in fuel prices.

Click to Read – National Herald

  1. Reports claim that the new amendments to the IT Act would draw a veil over the Indian internet, undermining freedom of expression and online privacy and thereby weakening Indian democracy.

Click to Read – The Scroll

  1. Two peacekeepers from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) were reported to be killed on 25th Jan’2019 following an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack against a convoy near Douentza, in Central Mali.

Click to Read – UN News

  1. UN Human Rights Office in Malawi, OHCHR, voices concern over increasing instances of horrific violence therein, in relation to the upcoming general elections.

Click to Read – UN News

    11. Per the reports of MSF, there has been a sharp increase in the number of  people held in detention centres in Mirata and Khoms after landings of ”vulnerable refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers” who were ”intercepted or rescued at sea and brought back to Libya in violation of International Law”.

Click to Read – Libyan Express

Collated By:  Ms. Shruti Shreya &  Mr. Gyan Prakash Tripathi
                        Students of Law at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA




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