• Andhra Pradesh and Telangana jointly report for maximum cases of Human Rights violation since their bifurcation, per the report of NHRC.

  • 7 civilians, 3 militants and 1 soldier died in J&K as security forces engaged in an encounter in Pulwama.

  • Bangladesh Security forces alleged to be arresting and intimidating opposition figures and threatening Freedom of Expression in advance of National Elections on 30th Dec.’18.

  • Racism and infringements of socio-economic rights are the most reported Human Rights violations in South Africa per the report of South Africa Human Rights Commission.

  • Investigation of widespread and systematic sexual violence in Sudan is the topmost agenda of UN Commission on Human Rights in the Country.

  • The UN Human Rights Committee condemns the continued use of death penalty in Belarus, declaring it as “simply unacceptable” after three men were executed there, despite UN’s plea for clemency.

  • At the General Assembly meet; United Nations, India calls for international efforts to bring to justice violators of International Human Rights laws and to ensure protection of humanitarian workers in conflict situations.

  • U.S.A. lawmakers warn China of serious consequences against its State officials who ‘systematically’ violate fundamental rights of Tibetan people and deny other countries trade access to Tibet.

  • The United States imposed sanctions on three senior North Korean government officials, including a close ally of Kim Jong-un, for Human Rights abuses.

  • Bill recognising ‘reproductive rights’ as Human Rights introduced in U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Asylum seekers in Australia file lawsuits against the government in the country’s High Court claiming Australia’s migrant camps to be ‘Crime Against Humanity’.

  • Iranian political activist Vahid Sayadi Nasiri; jailed for his messages on social media, dies on hunger strike.

  • Human Rights organisations across the world appeal against European Court of Human Rights on bulk surveillance for violation of Right To Privacy.

  • The European Union Parliament condemns Egyptian authorities for Human Rights abuses and urges them to lift restrictions on Right to Free Speech and Assembly.

  • Former U.S. President Barack Obama honoured with RFK Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award.

  • Chrissie Foster and Peter McClelan awarded Australia’s Top Human Rights Award for their enormous contribution in Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Collated By: Mr. Gyan Prakash Tripathi & Ms. Shruti Shreya
                        Students of Law at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA

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